Baltimore Ravens Surprisingly Release DE Marcus Spears And FS Michael Huff

By Wola Odeniran
Michael Huff
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The Baltimore Ravens didn’t make any news at the trade deadline, but they are sure making news right after it. The Ravens released defensive end Marcus Spears and free safety Michael Huff in favor of promoting two safeties from their practice squad in Omar Brown and Bryden Trawick.

Moving Spears and Huff off the roster is a bit surprising because the Ravens usually don’t cut veterans this late into the season. But when you consider the fact that the Ravens originally signed Huff to a three-year deal worth $6 million, the Ravens might be thinking twice of letting go of Ed Reed too early.

The main point of the moves the Ravens made this past offseason was the fact that the Ravens had a choice to keep the players they cut, traded, or decided not to bring back. They decided to go towards the youth movement.

When you look at Anquan Boldin for example, the Ravens could have kept him but they decided to trade him.

Despite the ignorant beliefs that a lot of people have thinking that Joe Flacco with his contract was the main reason why so many players left, it wasn’t the case, and saying that Flacco was at fault a million times doesn’t make it true.

Strictly looking at just the 2013 season, Flacco’s cap number this year is $6.8 million. Boldin had one year left on his contract with the Ravens before he was traded away. Let’s use some common sense here. $6.8 million on the cap from your starting quarterback is not going to alter much of anything.

The Ravens were not forced to go towards the youth movement; it was their choice. If people can’t believe that then how did the Ravens manage to sign outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil to a five-year deal worth $35 million after Flacco’s contract was sealed?

As for Huff being cut, I didn’t agree with Reed leaving with Huff being the replacement, and this further proves my point. Sure, Reed might not be playing as well as others expected with the Houston Texans, but he still strikes fear in opposing quarterbacks. That was my whole point the entire time.

Now looking forward at the free safety position, James Ihedigo has started in place of Huff since Huff got benched in Week 1, but Ihedigbo hasn’t helped matters much as the Ravens have allowed 10 passing plays of over 40 yards this season which is the second most in the NFL.

The Ravens still have some unsolved issues on their defense.

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