Head Coach Rex Ryan Should Just Toss Last Week's Tape, Move On

By Harrison Turkheimer
New York Jets
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Let’s not even not even discuss last week’s loss (if you want to call it that) at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. The New York Jets did not even show up last week against the Bengals from the moment the opening kickoff came about.

With a few days to digest the hiccup that was last week, the Jets are back home for the another battle with another high-quality NFL team, the New Orleans Saints. The main objective really for this game is, in my opinion, show some guts! The Saints are atop the NFC and probably think very lightly of the Jets. This is coach Rex Ryan’s opportunity to get his defense back on the right track, dial up some blitzes and shake QB Drew Brees around a little.

With a week going into the bye, no one expected the Jets to be a .500 ball club. On paper prior to the season, this team has little explosiveness, no offensive power and a potential defense. Well that explosiveness has shown its head, Geno Smith has lead this team in the clutch and the defense is ranked No. 4 in the league.

As an observer and a fan, its simple. These Jets have exceeded the expectations, but there are questions marks. Can they come out and play physical? Can they come out and play smart? Will they show the fans that last week were not these Jets, that the 2013 team is resilient and not pushovers?

The second half of the schedule is quite favorable, with realistic ability to win at least five or six of the last seven.  Could the playoffs be in sight? Thats a question only time will tell. Let’s be real, this team is simply looking for answers to build toward a successful and bright future. It starts under center, first and foremost. Going into the bye, Smith needs to work on his timing with receivers and keep his composure, the kid who I want to be this franchise’s quarterback needs to stop the roller coaster and get consistent week in and week out.

At the end of the day, this team has a lot to prove with the first step beginning Sunday afternoon at home.

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