Kansas City Chiefs Should Be Pleased with Undefeated Record, Not Satisfied

By Jonathan W. Crowell
 Sean Smith, Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs
John Rieger – USA TODAY Sports

As of Week 8, the Kansas City Chiefs have joined an elite group of 30 8-0 NFL teams from previous years, many of whom went on to the Super Bowl. And better yet, some of them actually went on to win all the marbles. And all of this after an embarrassing 2-14 season last year. Quite the comeback, to be sure, and if history has been any kind of an indicator, we know that everyone loves a good comeback story, especially when it comes to football.

Much is made of this team or that team being in “rebuilding” status in preparation for that knockout comeback season that blows the fans away and gets everyone together rooting for the home team once again. Following those kinds of narratives is nothing shy of fascinating for your average NFL fan.

Such is the case – the miraculous case, mind you – for Chiefs fans this year. Is it too much to hope again that ‘this could be the year’?

It’s been said more than once that Kansas City has had an “easy” schedule thus far and that they haven’t had to face anyone challenging yet. Truth be told, recently the Chiefs just narrowly squeaked by a hobbling and poorly manned Houston Texans team with a one-point victory. This past Sunday, the Chiefs defeated the Cleveland Browns (who were sporting their third starting quarterback for this season) but only barely within a touchdown.

Peyton Manning and the 7-1 Denver Broncos may not be nearly as fazed by the Chiefs’ No. 5 ranked defense in the league, nor by their fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants offense. Neither may the 5-2 Indianapolis Colts. Or even the 4-3 San Diego Chargers. Matchups with these AFC rivals will be at the doorstep before Kansas City knows it.

And assuming they make it to the Super Bowl this year, the Chiefs could be faced with a team as daunting as the 6-1 New Orleans Saints or the 7-1 Seattle Seahawks, both of which have made waves of their own this season.

So at the halfway point of this current season, it makes sense for the Chiefs to be pleased with their undefeated record but not satisfied enough to take their upcoming opponents lightly. Kansas City’s offense has not improved as nicely as their defense, and even their defense, which has been a real ace up the team’s sleeve this year, occasionally shows some chinks and flaws in its armor.

Without openly divulging what those chinks and flaws are or revealing what specific areas they need to improve on, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was also pleased to note that in addition to impressive statistics in touchdowns, sacks and takeaways, his team shows a “camaraderie and togetherness” and “[brings an] energy” that is intangible and has kept them winning thus far.

At least that’s been enough so far to keep the team all moving forward and winning together.

Kansas City takes on the Buffalo Bills Sunday in New York, which could most likely be an easy win for the Chiefs. But we will be finding out soon enough if what has been keeping them going thus far will be enough to help them go all the way.

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