One Player on Green Bay Packers Who Deserves More Credit

By Michael Terrill
One Player on Green Bay Packers Who Deserves More Credit
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

There are so many players on the Green Bay Packers that deserve to be singled out for their phenomenal performances thus far this season. That is simply what happens when a team continues to play at a very high level each week. With that being said, there is one player I would like to single out as someone who deserves some more recognition for his stellar performance in 2013.

Defense end Mike Daniels could go unnoticed by the casual fan. In fact, most people who follow the Packers may not be completely aware of who he is. The problem with that is fans need to be aware how good he is. The good news is soon enough it will not take someone like me to hype his name up because that is going to happen on its own.

Daniels may not be racking up the tackles (18 in seven games), but that is because he is not on the field for that. Sure, Green Bay wants to see him make a play if a running back comes his way. However, Daniels’ role on the defense is much bigger than that.

The second-year player leads the Packers in sacks (four) and is just outside of the top 10 in the NFC. His ability to beat offensive lineman one-on-one is a huge reason why Green Bay has been successful on defense this season.

The Packers have had plenty of worry trying to find someone opposite of Clay Matthews to apply pressure on the quarterback. They were concentrating on Nick Perry or Mike Neal to get to the quarterback on the outside. However, they could not ask for anything more than to see Daniels push offensive guards back into where opposing signal callers step up in the pocket.

The role Daniels will play will increase with each passing week. It is imperative that he continue to improve, as Green Bay must have his outstanding pass rushing ability to be effective down the stretch and into the playoffs.

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