Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Why Does Greg Schiano Still Have a Job?

By Ryan Heckman

I can’t even begin to express my frustration and bewilderment if I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan right now. Obviously, the season is down the toilet at 0-7 and next year can’t come soon enough. An injury to a Pro Bowl, second-year running back like Doug Martin is all but the icing on the cake. Dealing with a less-than-desirable rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has been somewhat painful.

But, what has been the worst part of the Bucs’ 2013 season?

Greg Schiano.

Not just Schiano in general, but what has irritated me the most at this very moment is the fact that this clown still has a job with the Bucs organization. What on earth has he done to warrant staying employed up to this point?

Absolutely nothing!

One of the first headlines of the year included Schiano and newly-acquired All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis not seeing eye to eye, with Revis having a problem with how Schiano does things.

That’s not a good start, folks. One of the last guys you want to be upset is a talent like Revis. Granted, Revis has shown displeasure in the past and some of it has come from his own immaturity, but this time we can assume that Schiano is the problem.

Schiano then had a falling out with their starting quarterback Josh Freeman, with it getting so bad that Freeman ended up getting released. When has something like this happened in recent memory? A guy who made the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago in a contract year is cut mid-season.

Just looking at the guy gets me angry. He’s not a likable person by any means. Not to mention, he’s put his team in headlines for all the wrong reasons this year. He’s borderline arrogant and just plain moronic with how he handles not only himself and his team.

So, again I ask you Tampa Bay, why does he still have a job?

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