Terrell Owens Thinks Race Factored Into Criticism of Dez Bryant

By Andrew Fisher
Terrell Owens
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You have to give him credit, despite not playing in a game in over two years, Terrell Owens manages to stay somewhat relevant in the sports world. It’s usually because he’s shamelessly shopping himself around to NFL teams on Twitter or because of his financial difficulties. But now, it’s because of comments he made in a recent interview.

Dez Bryant‘s sideline antics were of course the topic of discussion earlier in the week. Anybody who follows the NFL, had an opinion on the matter. The WR claimed he was being positive with his outburst, which was proven to be somewhat true once the audio was released on Tuesday. But Owens can’t help but wonder if race played a factor in all the criticism that was fired Bryant’s way:

“I don’t want to say it but I do wonder if race plays a part in the double standard. Why is (Tom) Brady treated one way, and Dez another? Why is Tom Brady showing passion when he screams at players, but Dez is out of control.”

So in classic T.O. fashion, he doesn’t want to go there, but he yet does anyway.

I think that for some narrow-minded individuals, race did play a part in the criticism of Bryant. Some people are that dumb. But just because you didn’t agree with his actions, doesn’t mean that race is at the root of it. As for his comparison to Brady, it’s a different situation. Brady is a proven Super Bowl winning quarterback. He’s earned the right to criticize players. But even the QB himself admitted that his actions earlier in the year were a bit over the line.

I understand what T.O. is saying, but I just don’t think he needed to go there. The vast majority of us can agree that Bryant should have probably handled the situation a little bit differently and also that the criticism of him had absolutely nothing to do with race.


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