Terrelle Pryor Is Oakland Raiders' Future

By Robert Cooke
Terrelle Pryor
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The future may be bright for the Oakland Raiders, and that notion is lead by unheralded quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

He is the ultimate prototype at the quarterback position, especially for the way the game is evolving with the read-option and the mobile quarterback becoming more of a necessity for offenses to get the best of defenses. Pryor is a beast. He ran a 4.38 40-yard dash at his pro day and shows that speed every time he leaves the pocket. He is the Raiders’ leading rusher with 391 yards on 53 carries.

Not only is he a huge threat when he pulls the ball down to run; he consistently shows a tremendous ability to extend plays with his legs that you have seen few times from any other quarterback. Pryor can not only take a hit, but dish one too. His 6-foot-6, 230-pound frame delivers a vicious blow to tacklers.

He is decent at throwing the ball as well with 63.1 percent of his passes being completed. His decision-making when throwing the ball still needs some work, but the physical talent is there. He could be hard to stop with a healthy offensive line. Moving forward, the Raiders should build their team around Pryor and give him the necessary pieces to help this team win. This team could be a real contender if they put all their pieces in the right position.

Oakland finally has good coaching and as long as running back Darren McFadden can run the ball to take pressure off of him, the Raiders will be solid.

The Raiders are ranked seventh in rushing yards in the NFL. They’ve done this without the likes of Pryor and McFadden healthy every week. They are a obviously extremely effective when they’re playing together, just this last weekend they were responsible for all three of the Raiders’ touchdowns.

With a little added explosive capability on offense, the Raiders will be one of the best in football behind this dual threat they have at quarterback.

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