It's Hard For Kansas City Chiefs Fans To Remain Tight-Lipped

By Troy Alan
Brian Spurlock – USA Today Sports

The Coasters were a musical group that were formed in 1955 and had a bunch of hits in the late 50s, including a song entitled Charlie Brown. The lyrics ask the familiar question, “Why is everybody always picking on me?” With the Kansas City Chiefs being 8-0, I’m beginning to wonder the same thing.

Chiefs fans are being bombarded on social networking sites with posts questioning the validity of their team’s record and are being informed there is no way they can beat the Denver Broncos. I personally have received three messages regarding Kansas City’s issues in the last 24 hours.

The first simply asked “So how bad are they going to beat the Broncos and how?” I replied that I wasn’t looking past this weekend’s matchup against the Buffalo Bills, but if he wanted my hypothetical thoughts, I’d give them. I informed him that if Denver and Kansas City were playing this Sunday instead of two weeks from now, I’d predict the Chiefs by four because of a costly Broncos turnover.

I backed it up with facts. Denver leads the league in both fumbles (18) and fumbles lost with 11. Kansas City leads the NFL in turnover ratio with a +1.5. I didn’t mention that the Chiefs are +2.7 on the road, but I did bring up Peyton Manning‘s two pick-sixes this season, and the fact that the Kansas City defense has two of their own.

I also stated the Chiefs’ defense has allowed the least points and that they only yielded 16 to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. When I asked how many the Broncos’ defense had allowed against them, I didn’t get a response. The correct answer would’ve been 48.

Another friend forwarded me a rebuttal that Kansas City was the only team in the league to have not beaten a team with a winning record, pointing out that Dallas was the only currently .500 team the Chiefs had beaten. If you want to get trivial, it’s pretty hard to win 50 percent of your games halfway through the season when you lost one to Kansas City. Their winning percentage of 1.00 speaks for itself.

The Chiefs have to get by Buffalo on Sunday, and I’m not overlooking that. They then have a bye week before traveling to Denver for a divisional matchup against the high-powered Broncos offense. I’m finding it very hard to bite my tongue with the bumping of the gums I’m already seeing, however.

The Coasters also had a hit with the song Yakety Yak. It advises, “Don’t talk back.” I guess it’s too late for that now, so let me tell you about my favorite post I’ve seen. It’s a picture of Will Ferrell’s Anchorman character Ron Burgundy. In publishable terms, it states that Chiefs fans care about as much about your opinion of them as the number of losses they have.

That, trash talkers, would be zero!

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