It's Put Up Or Shut Up Time For Tony Romo

By rodneygray

Tony Romo has been the source of heartbreak for Dallas Cowboys fans since he first botched that hold against the Seattle Seahawks many years ago. Now 33 years old, things have not gotten much easier for the former Eastern Illinois Panther who has been  ridiculed and over-analyzed for each and every mistake he has ever made in his career. Being part of one of the greatest sporting franchises has its drawbacks, and Romo has come to learn that the hard way. Time after time, Romo has seen himself in in the cross-hairs of criticism and has routinely been mocked throughout his entire career. Despite having a few “Romo moments,” this season is proving to be one of the quarterbacks’ best seasons of his career.

Romo has lead the Cowboys to first place in the NFC East and a 4-4 record. While that may not be the most glamorous of records by any means, compared to the rest of the NFC East, the Cowboys are dominating. Romo has 18 touchdowns on the year to just five interceptions with a quarter back rating of 101.7, which is his second best since he has been in the league. You would be hard pressed to find a quarterback that is statistically better than Romo this year; the numbers are there. If it wasn’t for Peyton Manning having an out of this world year, it would not be unreasonable to consider Romo the best quarterback in the league.

Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, much like players have to exorcise their playoff demons to get over the proverbial hump, Romo still has the tendency to allow himself to continue to make huge mistakes in critical points of games. Whether it’s a key football against the San Diego Chargers or a huge interception against the Denver Broncos, Romo continues to be his own worse enemy. Every step forward is the start of yet another countdown to a Romo meltdown. After the Cowboys signed Romo to a lenghty $108 million contract extension, the expectations have been set. Being good in the regular season will never be enough for owner Jerry Jones, as he is still chasing that feeling of long ago. Cowboys fans have stood by their team throughout all of these years. It is time for Romo to finally put his bad luck away and make his own luck.

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