John Sullivan's Comment Proves Leslie Frazier Not In Charge

By Nick Baker
John Sullivan
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan was recently asked who he thought the team’s starting quarterback should be against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, and Sullivan responded by saying he’d love to see Christian Ponder back out there. His basis for this he says is the effort and preparation Ponder brought to the field last week, but he also see’s both Ponder and Josh Freeman in practice every day, which is likely another factor in his preference of Ponder over Freeman.

Freeman showed against the New York Giants he was incapable of running the Vikings’ offense, which was likely something that showed up during his two weeks of practice, yet the coaching staff went ahead and started him anyways, the first indication that ownership, and not Leslie Frazier is making the decision. Although Frazier hasn’t announced who the team’s starting quarterbacks will be this week, if it turns out to be Freeman, as I expect it will be, it leads me to further believe Frazier isn’t the one making decisions.

Over his two and a half years in the NFL, Ponder has failed to show he is the future at quarterback for the Vikings, which is the only reason ownership brought in Freeman a month ago. They knew they would be parting ways with Ponder after the season, and they decided they may as well give the once promising Freeman a shot, which is completely understandable. The problem with that is Freeman looked terrible against the Giants, and made it look impossible for the Vikings to win another game this season if he kept playing at that level.

It would be in Frazier’s best interest to win as many games possible this year in order to try and save his job, which is likely part of the reason Freeman missed last weeks game with a “concussion,” so Frazier could instead start the quarterback who gave the team their best shot at winning. With another nine games remaining it’s conceivable the Vikings start Freeman for all of them, unless he looks downright terrible, which means the end of Frazier as the head coach, and Ponder as the team’s starting QB.

While Sullivan is able to voice his opinion given he doesn’t have to make the final decision, unlike Frazier, it just goes to show that Ponder gives the team their best shot at winning now, but ownership is controlling the situation and want’s Freeman to be given another shot.

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