Kansas City Chiefs: It Doesn't Always Have to Be a Pretty Win

By Jonathan W. Crowell
Derrick Johnson
John Rieger – USA TODAY Sports

There’s no doubt the 8-0 Kansas City Chiefs and their fans are sick to death of hearing about how even though the Chiefs are undefeated this season, they won’t have what it takes against any “credible” teams as the season progresses. Most recently, Kansas City had two narrow victories against the likes of the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns — not exactly powerhouse teams this year, to be sure.

Does it always have to be a pretty win to count?

The fact is, a team’s schedule is what it is, and the Chiefs have been doing what they need to be doing: winning games. They are not the only viable NFL playoff contender that has had narrow wins against less daunting teams. This past Monday, the Seattle Seahawks just got by the St. Louis Rams with a 14-9 win — hardly a sound defeat.

Critics of the Chiefs this year have claimed that the team is not all that good and won’t do well in the upcoming AFC West playoffs against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the Indianapolis Colts or even the San Diego Chargers.

Certainly, quarterback Alex Smith and the Chiefs’ offense have been less than consistent and even unpredictable, and the team’s overall record has come short of racking up more impressive wins. But still, winning keeps you going. It’s what the team and what their fans want most.

Besides, the No. 5 ranked Kansas City defense should never be dismissed lightly. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has dismissed questions about the team’s apparent lack of consistent form, telling KCChiefs.com he “[doesn’t] care about all that.” Reid is continuing to focus on “[working] on the stuff that we’re not good at.” At the end of the day, he’s acknowledged that “we’re all in it to win games. That’s not a secret, that’s most important.”

Running back Dexter McCluster has asserted that the Chiefs are “not trying to be beauty queens” and that “all [the Chiefs] have to worry about is that [they] win.”

If that sounds too simplistic, perhaps that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Within a media hype-driven league with millions of fans and commentators, there are always those who will over-analyze, criticize and claim to be the only experts. This Sunday, the Chiefs are headed to New York to face the Buffalo Bills, against whom they are favored to win.

But they are not only winning; they’re doing something else that’s critical to their future success: they’re not over-thinking anything. They’re taking their wins in stride and are focused on getting better.

Who’s to say they don’t deserve to be 8-0?

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