Mike Shanahan Fires Back At Albert Haynesworth In Tremendous Fashion

By Andrew Fisher

Albert Haynesworth‘s struggles with the Washington Redskins are well documented. After signing a seven year/$100 million deal in 2009, Haynesworth would go on to become a huge flop. During his time in Washington, which ended just two years after he signed that massive deal, his battles with Mike Shanahan made headlines. The defensive lineman failed several conditioning tests and was even suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

So for whatever reason, two years after his departure from Washington, Haynesworth decided to speak up and take some shots at former teammate Chris Cooley, and of course, Shanahan. The former defensive lineman implied that the head coach was selfish and that John Elway waited to return to Denver once Shanahan left town.

In response to that, Shanahan fired back with these pointed comments:

“When you don’t get along with somebody as a head coach, or assistant coach, it usually falls under one of those couple areas: lazy, lack of passion and a lot of times lack of character. And, uh, he fits all three.”


I found these comments from the Redskins’ head coach to be absolutely hilarious. I don’t consider myself to be a Shanahan fan, but after the way he cut down Haynesworth, his stock went up a couple points in my book. There’s no way I can defend Haynesworth and his time in Washington. It seems pretty apparent that he just gave up on the team and that’s simply unacceptable.

But no matter what really happened, Haynesworth still got paid in a big way.


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