Minnesota Vikings' Center John Sullivan Weighs In On QB Situation, Gives His Pick

By Andrew Fisher
John Sullivan
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are getting set to travel south to take on the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at Jerry World. The Vikings are in the midst of an awful season and have dropped three straight games. During those three games, they’ve started three different quarterbacks. Matt Cassel, Josh Freeman and Christian Ponder have all got cracks at righting the ship, but none of them have been able to pull it off thus far.

So when it comes to the week nine starter, Leslie Frazier won’t say who it’s going to be. He doesn’t want to ‘tip his hand’ to the Cowboys (like it matters). All Frazier has said is that it won’t be Cassel under center. So when it comes to the Vikings’ center, John Sullivan, he actually weighed in on the team’s QB situation in a recent interview.

“(Ponder) prepared really hard and he went out there and laid it all on the line. You know, you see that last run that he made when things were getting out of reach and he’s still out there fighting until the end. I mean, that’s not my decision. But I’d love to see him stay back there, of course,” said Sullivan.

It’s not often that you see teammates giving their opinions on such issues, but perhaps that speaks volumes about the shape that this Vikings team is in. You can’t really argue with Sullivan’s assessment, because Ponder has clearly looked better than Freeman.

We’ll have to see what Frazier decides, but using both QBs might not be a bad strategy. He can start one of them and if they’re not effective, he can always go to the bullpen.


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