New England Patriots Need to Trade for Larry Fitzgerald to Return to Glory in 2014

By Logan Godfrey
Larry Fitzgerald
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s trading deadline came upon us rather quickly and disappeared with no significant player movement. Twitter was oozing with potential deals that had fans savoring for a tantalizing deal to occur.

Larry Fitzgerald, the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, was a name being floated around as a potential trade candidate. The reports of a potential trade were later confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who said if a deal could not be completed before the deadline, the Cardinals would attempt to deal him during the upcoming offseason.

Hypothetical scenarios were now popping off across the web. If a trade does indeed occur during the offseason, what would be a better place for Fitzgerald to end up than the New England Patriots?

This potential trade should have fans foaming from the mouth. It makes sense for both sides. The Patriots are financially flexible and have an enormous need at the position if they want to admit it or not. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are in a complete rebuilding mode.

The last time the Patriots swung a deal of this magnitude was during the 2007 NFL Draft. The Oakland Raiders traded Randy Moss to the Patriots for a measly fourth-round pick. See how that worked out?

If Fitzgerald found himself in a Patriots’ uniform, one could not imagine the benefits both parties would reap. The New England offense would open up vertically, not to standards of Moss splitting a defense’s secondary, but leaps and bounds ahead of where it is now. Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola would have more space to operate in the middle of opponent’s defenses, as well. It could be New England’s chance at having another historically-great offense.

The All-Pro wide receiver would also benefit from having a more-than-capable quarterback throwing his way with the likes of Tom Brady at the helm. Fitzgerald has not had a decent enough quarterback looking his way since the days of Kurt Warner, and because of that, his top-notch production has started to drop off. He could thank Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, John Skelton and many other quarterback flame-outs for that.

From a New England standpoint, if Fitzgerald is available next offseason, the Patriots should be calling. The compensation the Cardinals would be looking for would most likely be a first-round draft pick. That’s an acceptable price to pay if the Patriots are still in the mindset of winning now and not looking toward the future.

After this year, who knows how long Brady is going to be slinging the rock? He might be showing signs of regression. The Patriots better make the most out of what they have, and going after Fitzgerald should be one of, if not their top priority.

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