New York Giants' Season Is Not Over

By Jay Cullen
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants were done. Their season was just about considered over, and many wondered if it was better to just collapse and get a good draft pick because the division was long gone.

Now the Giants are two games out with eight games to go. The Giants would not have felt good if they were told that before the year, but they certainly would not have assumed that they would be 2-6. Yet, here they are, relatively close to first place in the NFC East and still with a shot to win it.

No team in the NFC East has really separated itself or show the ability to win more than eight games. The Dallas Cowboys are the favorites, but seem to have internal issues with Dez Bryant. Remember, this was a team that just barely beat the Giants in week 1. The Cowboys could easily fall apart at any minute as any football fan knows.

Not only that, but the Giants are getting better. Jon Beason has shored up a terrible linebacking core. Eli Manning has cut down on his interceptions partially because of play-calling adjustments, and John Connor and Peyton Hillis have helped in the run game. Andre Brown should return soon as well. With Will Hill back and Corey Webster healthy, the secondary has also looked better.

All of that being said, the Giants have a long way to go. This is a team with major flaws in both lines and lots of turnover issues. The Giants might have just a 10 percent chance to make the playoffs, but that is 10 percent higher than most would have said two weeks ago.

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