New York Giants Second Half Season Outlook

By Greg Cohen
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are not where many people expected them to be at this point, but there’s still another half of the season left to play. The Giants are currently 2-6, but the division leader is just 4-4, which gives some hope for a Giants turnaround. With a Week 9 bye, the season has been split evenly with eight games on each end. With the Giants’ declining performance, ticket prices have declined as well; the average price of a Giants tickets have decreased 14.97% since Week 1. Five of the eight remaining games will be at home, giving fans a chance to see games at a discounted price.

11/10 vs Raiders: Avg $306 | Get-in $90

This Week 10 game is the first of three home games in a row. The Raiders have been surprising this season and this game has the second highest average price for the remainder of the season.

11/17 vs Packers: Avg $265 | Get-in $82

In what seems to be an annual Sunday night game, the Giants will be taking on the Packers in the prime time slot of Week 11. The Packers won this matchup two seasons ago and the Giants won this game last season.

11/24 vs Cowboys: Avg $359 | Get-in $126

It should be no surprise a home game against the Cowboys is the most expensive game for the rest of the season. The average and starting prices for this game are significantly higher than for any of the other home games. The Cowboys are currently in first place of the NFC East, but the Giants could be caught up by this point.

12/15 vs Seahawks: Avg $250 | Get-in $72

Despite Seattle possibly being the best team remaining on the Giants’ schedule, this game remains the cheapest. The Week 15 game sports the lowest average and get-in price for the final five home games.

12/29 vs Redskins: Avg $257 | Get-in $76

The Giants will close the season at home Week 17 against the Redskins. These two team are currently at the bottom of the division, but with no dominant team in the NFC East, it’s impossible to tell where these two teams will be by the end of the season.

The Giants will have three road games in the second half of the season, coming Week 13 at Washington, Week 14 at San Diego and Week 16 at Detroit. Tickets for the road games are much cheaper than the games at home. The Dec. 1 game against Washington is averaging $165 with a get-in price of $26. The Dec. 8 game against the Chargers also has an average price of $165, but has a $41 starting price. The game in Detroit on December 22 has an average price of $125 with a low of $38.

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