No Trades, No Problem for St. Louis Rams at NFL Trade Deadline

By Anthony Blake
Les Snead St. Louis Rams trade deadline
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Some may think that the St. Louis Rams would have been a serious buyer at the trade deadline which has come and gone in the NFL given their lofty preseason expectations and substandard play to date. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as the Rams really were in no position to make any deals prior to the deadline’s passing.

Perhaps the first (and most obvious) reason for the Rams not being buyer’s at the deadline is the fact that they’re broke. No, not like U.S. Government style broke, but they are right up against the current salary cap with little to no wiggle room to speak of. Given the fact that most deals at the deadline involve draft picks for players rather than player for player trades, the Rams really couldn’t afford it (try telling the government that one).

Another reason the Rams didn’t pursue any deals is because draft currency to this current regime is the equivalent of gold. General manager Les Snead hoards draft choices by doing his best Bill Belichick impression and simply stockpiling currency for future talent. Having to part with any of those selections would most definitely have been frowned upon by the organization, and unless there was a quarterback available on the cheap there really was nothing to interest St. Louis.

And the reason the Rams weren’t in the market even as sellers at the deadline is because there are no players the team is willing to part with that would have gotten them anything worthwhile in return. As the league’s youngest team, the Rams aren’t really in the position to be shipping off players that are still developing. Those kinds of foolish decisions only lead down bad roads this franchise wants to steer clear of moving forward.

So while it may be a somewhat boring existence to not even be involved in a trade rumor or two, the Rams are better off having let the deadline pass without even picking up the phone. This team still has two first round picks in its back pocket heading into the 2014 NFL Draft, and those choices could come in handy if they choose to move on from Sam Bradford under center this offseason.

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