Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly Will Only Succeed Without Howie Roseman

By Matt Shaner
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This season, as with any rebuilding year regardless of what the official spin the Philadelphia Eagles want to put on it, sheds light on many problems that exist with this team in the current form.

You can point the finger at Chip Kelly for hiring a stable of position coaches without real pro experience and at Billy Davis taking the helm of the defense without a solid resume. You can also point the finger at Andy Reid for leaving behind a group of players selected for his system and running to a better team with a real shot at a deep playoff run.

You can point your finger at the players on the field and at their performance and inability to win a game at home in more than a year.

If you want the real issue though, you need to look directly at the front office and Howie Roseman. When Joe Banner was cast out of the front office, it was the end of a long friendship between him and Jeffrey Lurie. Sources painted Banner as the villain, a divisive presence causing conflict and discord. Lurie tabbed Roseman, a numbers guy without football experience, to be his GM to rebuild the team’s roster.

Roseman hasn’t been a success thus far, bringing in players like Danny Watkins. Jaiquawn Jarrett. Isaac Sopoaga. James Casey, Demetress Bell, etc.

This team was built incorrectly and nothing can grow on a cracked foundation. If you want Kelly to get a footing here and build his system, where do you start? Really, after getting to the halfway point in the season, do they have one building block? This team is filled with players who will not be here next year. Do we really need DeSean Jackson refusing to take a hit to get one crucial yard like he did on Sunday?

This process is far from being complete and the clean sweep has only started. Kelly said more than once that you field the players you have. Roseman is responsible for the players on the field even with Reid’s leftovers, and eight games through the season, the players they have are not good enough. This team is what it is and if they truly want to have a fighting chance, change must start at the top down. Vacating Roseman’s office would be a solid first step.

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