Philadelphia Eagles vs Oakland Raiders: Philly Must Contain Terrelle Pryor

By Ryan Wenzell
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles‘ defense is in for a huge challenge on Sunday, as it faces the tough task of going up against Oakland Raiders quarterback and physical specimen Terrelle Pryor. Just last week Pryor broke the record for longest run by a quarterback, with a 93 yard dash that had defenders looking like they were going in slow motion.

Pryor simply has rare, sub 4.4 speed for the position of quarterback. The scary thing is that he is also a huge human being. At 6-foot-4, 235 pounds, he is a load to bring down for any defense couple that with his blinding speed and trademark athleticism, and you have built almost the perfect athlete at quarterback.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly knows Pryor well. He recruited him heavily out of Jeannette, PA before Pryor decided to take his talents elsewhere. Pryor would be the perfect quarterback for Kelly’s read option attack, but that is a story for another day.

A main headline going into this one is just how the defense is going to contain Pryor. They have to stay disciplined and gap sound in their rush lanes and not let Pryor break many huge gashing runs like he did last week, or it could be a very long afternoon. Keeping Pryor in the pocket is the best way to beat him.

While Pryor is a dangerous athlete out in space and on the edges, his passing skills are still a bit unrefined. The best way to beat him is to force him to throw the ball and pressure him into making quick decisions and potential mistakes.

This is by far the scariest athlete the Eagles have faced, and perhaps will face all season long. The defense will need to be on it’s p’s and q’s on Sunday. If not, they will be in for a long day.

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