Christian Ponder Starting Against Dallas Cowboys Speaks Volumes About Josh Freeman

By Andrew Fisher
Christian Ponder-Josh Freeman
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In what will likely turn out to be an audition for other teams, Christian Ponder has been named the Minnesota Vikings‘ starting quarterback in week nine. The Vikings are getting set to travel south to take on the Dallas Cowboys, but it wasn’t known until midday Friday who’d be under center. The word out of Minneapolis was that Ponder was getting first team reps this week, while Matt Cassel took the second most and Josh Freeman took the least amount of reps.

The latest reports were in contrast to earlier reports that stated the starting gig in week nine was down to Ponder and Freeman. So now that the signal-caller has been determined, you have have to wonder – what’s the deal with Freeman?

It was clear that the Vikings signed him to start games for them in 2013. But after an atrocious debut in week seven and the concussion that followed, Freeman’s future in Minnesota doesn’t look bright.

All three Minnesota QBs have struggled this year. So if Freeman is struggling to the point where he’s getting the third most reps, that really speaks volumes about where he’s at as a professional QB.

But all speculation aside, I believe that Ponder gives the Vikings the best chance at victory on Sunday. He certainly hasn’t been great this year, but he’s looked a heck of a lot more confident than Freeman. Plus, if he comes out flat, who’s to say that Leslie Frazier couldn’t go the bullpen for a little relief? At this point, the Vikings have absolutely nothing left to lose.


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