Pittsburgh Steelers: Predictions For Second Half Of Season

By Jon Bruno
Ben Roethlisberger
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been the hardest season to watch in a long time for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers with an 0-4 start followed by two straight wins. Right when it seemed like the Steelers were going to turn things around, they went out to California and lost to the Oakland Raiders. So they remain at the bottom of the AFC North at 2-5 halfway through the season. While nobody was predicting the Steelers to win the Super Bowl, it is definitely still somewhat of a surprise.

Where do the Steelers go from here? Do they wait things out for the NFL Draft or do they keep pushing to salvage their season? With a schedule that nobody would describe as grueling the Steelers will keep looking forward. They’re currently gearing up to face the 6-2 New England Patriots in a game that would usually be regarded as a must watch. But this season that’s not exactly the case.

Maybe the Steelers’ schedule looks easy because we’re used to them beating teams that aren’t top tier, but after the loss to the Raiders maybe we are expecting too much out of the Steelers. They’re not the team we’re used to seeing. They’re usually a completely different team that competes at the highest level, but even with all that is it really the end for Pittsburgh with nine games still left to play? I don’t think so.

I do think they’re still very much in it. They have games against the Buffalo Bills, two against the Cleveland Browns and games against the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins. Is an upset over the Patriots this week possible? It will be hard, but the Steelers aren’t out of the playoff race by any means.

I think it’d be a bit tough to say that the Steelers will make the playoffs right now because we really don’t know. We’ve seen two different Steelers teams this year: The one we saw against the Ravens and New York Jets and the one we saw the other five games. If we continuously see one of those teams then we will know. They won’t make the playoffs if they played like they did in Oakland, no way. The AFC will run all over you. If they play the other way they very possibly can.

It can go either way for the Steelers. I think they’ll finish around 7-9 or 8-8. I honestly can’t see them going anything less than 7-9. They’re just not that kind of team, and they don’t lose like that. If they’re in a spot where they can’t make they playoffs, they’ll try to at least give their fans something to look forward to. I’d even be happy with a hard fought 6-10 if they pull out some tough victories, and I think they will.

I think they’ll fight hard against the Patriots at Gillette StadiumLe’Veon Bell has done too much this season to just fall out. The offensive line is paper-thin, I get it, but haven’t they always been? I can’t remember in recent years, even Super Bowl years, where the Steelers’ offensive line struck me as great. There’s no way the Steelers will let themselves lose at home to the Bills. They’ll need to play hard in just about every game left, that’s for sure, but you can never count out the Steelers.

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