Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Coaching Staff Hits New Low

By Greg Sulik
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Things just keep getting worse for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team is 0-7, has already switched starting quarterbacks and doesn’t appear to have any hope this season. Head coach Greg Schiano has come under fire from the media and fans, with “Fire Schiano” billboards appearing in Tampa. Schiano has also been criticized by players in the locker room, and he could be fired at any moment.

Making matters worse are the issues that the Bucs bring upon themselves. Schiano has already been accused of being classless and bush-league for ordering defensive linemen to attack full speed when opposing offenses are taking a knee. Then came the ongoing MRSA problems in the Tampa Bay locker room, as they have had at least three players infected. The team also received heavy criticism for its treatment of kicker Lawrence Tynes when he was infected, as they tried to gloss over the severity of Tynes’ medical condition.

And now we have a story that takes the Bucs to a new low. One of the few bright spots on the team is Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who is a disruptive force on the D-line. He also understands good sportsmanship, which apparently is unacceptable in Tampa Bay. Speaking to a Tampa radio station, McCoy revealed that he his defensive line coaches told him to stop helping opposing players up after the play.

The absurdity of that statement is absolutely mind-blowing. Football isn’t war, and opponents aren’t your enemy (despite the countless idiots in the game who would try to have you believe otherwise). Giving a guy a hand getting up from the pile is the polite thing to do, regardless of what color jersey he’s wearing. It doesn’t mean your going to take it easy on him on the next play, it’s just a sign of respect.

Credit goes to McCoy, who said he didn’t really care about what his coaches thought about this and that he will continue to help up opposing players. However, the fact that this is something that is actually addressed and taught by Greg Schiano and his staff is just ridiculous. This is a new low for Tampa Bay’s coaching staff, and the fans and players should look forward to the day in the very near future when they are no longer a part of this organization.

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