Top 5 Dallas Cowboys Missing In Action This Year

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Top 5 Dallas Cowboys Missing In Action This Year

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

Injuries happen every year and most of the time, it's just the luck of the draw. This year is no different for many teams in the NFL, including the Dallas Cowboys. Like many of the teams in the NFC, injuries have become part of the daily life of the Dallas Cowboys. Up until now, the Cowboys have been able to keep things together despite their injuries.

Sitting on top of the NFC East, the Cowboys have been fortunate that overall the division has been a lot less competitive than it has in the past couple of years. From players that have routinely gotten hurt to even the most durable of iron men, the Cowboys have dealt wit injuries for the entire season. While some teams have had injuries that lead to the ultimate downfall of the entire team, the Cowboys have been lucky enough to have others step up and produce for them at a high level.

Teams like the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles are still struggling to over come injuries, many of them at key positions on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, other players have been completely healthy the entire year, but have also gone missing quite a few games this year, as well. Whether it be for only one game or for most of the season, some of the Cowboys have had major inconsistency problems this year.

Unless the Cowboys decide to correct some of these problems, their luck may run out before the season ends and yet another Cowboys' season could end in mediocrity.

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5.The Iron Man Goes Down

Tim Heitman USA Today Sports

After playing at a very high level for almost his entire career, the injury bug finally got a hold of DeMarcus Ware. The OLB/DE was seemingly indestructible coming into this year. The Cowboys have played the majority of the season without their leader and perennial All-Pro. The Cowboys are being slow with Ware and are hoping to get him back on the field soon.

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4.Injured Again

Christopher Hanewinckel USA Today Sports

Running back DeMarco Murray is spending yet another extended stay on the injured list. When healthy, Murray can be one of the most dynamic running backs in the league. Unfortunately, Cowboy fans rarely get to see the former Oklahoma Sooner for any extended period of time. Murray is a vital part of the offense, but for him, his health is always hindering his productivity

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3.Mr. Consistency becomes Inconsistent

Nate Allen USA Today Sports

Jason Witten is easily one of the top five tight ends in football when he is playing at the top of his game. Whether it's the emergence of Terrence Williams or the fact that Dez Bryant has been playing out of his mind, Witten has lost some of his luster. Hopefully Witten can turn his production around as the Cowboys inch closer to the playoffs.

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Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

It's almost unfair for Brandon Carr to be on this list, but being the highest-paid defensive back combined with routinely being beaten by defenders is becoming something of a habit. Carr can be one of the better defensive backs in the league when his game is on point, however.

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1.There is No "I" in Defense

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

There's no way Brandon Carr could be the only person on this list. The Cowboys' defense as a whole has been struggling this year. Ranking near the bottom at almost every passing statistic, offenses have routinely had career days against the Cowboys' defense. Monte Kiffin's vaunted Cover-2 defense has not yielded the type of results Cowboy fans expected.

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