Cleveland Browns' Joe Haden Foolishly Provides Baltimore Ravens With Bulletin Board Material

By Dan Abeshouse
Joe Haden
Ron Schwane-USA Today Sports

Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden may have done his team a huge disservice for their upcoming game against the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, a team they’ve lost to 11 times in a row. Earlier in the week Haden had this to say:

“The Ravens aren’t the Ravens of old,” Haden said via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “They’re still really good, a real talented team, a division opponent, but at the same time, our team is a whole different team. It’s a different squad. We still haven’t gotten over the hump, but there’s no reason why we can’t.”

Now, the comments aren’t too bad when you look at them, but my question is why make those comments at all? Ravens top WR Torrey Smith admitted there was some truth to what Haden said.

“I mean, I think it’s safe to say,” Smith said. “It’s not the same team. It’s  not like I’m going to take anything to him. We’re still built the same, but it’s  not the same guys. That’s just fact to it.”

Ravens starting RT Michael Oher also responded to Haden’s comments.

“Everybody got the email, everybody saw it,” Oher said. “I trust in the guys  upstairs. We’ve got great guys upstairs. If you’re in this organization as a  player, you’re a great player and we’re here for a reason. I’m looking for great  things in the future for this team the next nine weeks.”

It boggles my mind why anyone would give a team that desperately needs it, a spark, something to rally around. Haden may be right and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility if the Browns won on Sunday. They have Josh Gordon back, who didn’t play in the first game, and Jason Campbell is now starting at QB, instead of the great Brandon Weedon (Great at what? I don’t know). Regardless, the Ravens are still a prideful team that has now had two weeks to rest and prepare for this game. Haden better put up or shut up.

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