Justin Blackmon Should Be Permanently Banned From Football

By Ryan Wenzell
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars star wide receiver Justin Blackmon was recently suspended the rest of the season for violating the NFL‘s substance abuse policy for the second time in less than a year. Time should be up on Blackmon as a pro football player.

Blackmon clearly hasn’t learned his lesson. He was suspended the first four games of the season by Roger Goodell and company before getting the privilege to come back and play again. Then he goes and turns around and breaks the rules again?

There should be no room for this in the league. Just like with vicious hits, the league is far too lenient on their players. Blackmon will serve his little end-of-the-year suspension for a Jaguar team that is going nowhere fast anyway, and then be back with the club next year. The Jags certainly won’t put into motion any further punishment as Blackmon is unquestionably their best offensive player.

Someone should step in in cases like this, though. When a player repeatedly makes the same mistakes, that’s when talk of him getting a lifetime ban from the sport should be heavily discussed. Football is an afterthought to this guy right now. He is more worried about having fun off the field with drugs and alcohol. His history of problems aren’t limited to the NFL, either, as he was arrested in college after getting a DUI.

The Jaguars are another example of a team outweighing off-the-field concerns due to a player’s talent. We saw how that worked out with the New England Patriots and Aaron Hernandez. Hopefully, the Jags don’t have another one of those situations on their hands.

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