What Steps Will NFL Take After Gary Kubiak, John Fox Encounter Health Issues?

By Devin O'Barr
Gary Kubiak
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Kubiak collapsed during halftime of the Houston Texans‘ Week 9 affair with the Indianapolis Colts.

The current reports are that Kubiak was taken to a nearby hospital after his fall. Numerous outlets also say that the action was merely a precautionary step. We can only hope that much is true as the life of an NFL head coach truly shouldn’t result in health issues at such a young age.

Any good football fan knows what these men go through, and those who turn a blind eye to the hard work Kubiak and company exhibit on a daily basis are simply ignorant.

With that being said, two NFL head coaches have had severe health issues within the last 48 hours, which means NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a new problem on his desk. Goodell has preached player safety in particular since taking charge, and his stance has resulted in turning the NFL into what many are calling the “National Flag Football League.” Moreover, the steadfast Goodell is likely to already has a few ideas on how to insure head coaches won’t run into health problems in the future.

Many have suggested that these head coaches should only allowed to work for a certain amount of hours a week, while others say that there should be more coaches on a staff, so that head coaches like Kubiak and Fox can live long and healthy lives. Either way, a solution must be found and I have confidence that Goodell will exhaust all options.

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