Buffalo Bills Deserve Loss After Not Playing Matt Flynn

By Michael Terrill
Buffalo Bills Deserve Loss After Not Playing Matt Flynn
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills deserved to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs after they started an undrafted rookie quarterback against the defensive powerhouse. I understand that quarterback Matt Flynn has only been with the Bills for just under a month. However, there is no question he should have been the one taking the field instead of Jeff Tuel.

It is unfortunate to put a loss on a signal caller who made his first career start against an undefeated team. With that being said, Tuel is the reason Buffalo was unable to defeat Kansas City.

It is not fair to blame Tuel because it was not his decision to put him in the very difficult position. It is the fault of Buffalo’s coaching staff. They should have known starting Tuel against arguably the best defense in the league was going to end in disaster. It certainly did not help that he continued to make foolish mistakes. Obviously, the interception ran back for a touchdown was the game changer.

Many questioned why the Bills would start a rookie quarterback when they had a veteran with experience on the bench. Sure, Flynn has not been with the team long enough to understand the entire playbook. Nonetheless, the fact that he has some experience starting in the NFL certainly would have given Buffalo an edge.

I was in the stadium when Flynn, as a member of the Green Bay Packers, tore apart the Detroit Lions on that record-breaking day at Lambeau Field in the last game of the 2011 season. There is no doubt he can play the quarterback position at a high-level when given the right opportunity.

Sunday would have been a perfect time to give Flynn a chance to shine. He seems to have a knack for the spotlight in which he plays his best when all eyes are on him. The contest against the Chiefs was not a primetime event, but nonetheless, a team that has yet to lose always has eyes watching. I guarantee Flynn would have led the Bills to victory, especially since it is the play under center that is preventing Buffalo from taking flight this season.

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