Cleveland Browns Are In AFC Wild Card Race With Jason Campbell Under Center

By Dylan Hughes
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have had a crazy year at the quarterback position so far but can’t really afford to let it get much crazier. A thumb injury and bad play led Cleveland to bench Brandon Weeden for Brian Hoyer, who unfortunately is now out for the season with a torn ACL. More disappointment from Weeden forced Cleveland to bench him once again, this time for veteran Jason Campbell. Well, Campbell has done a pretty good job in his two starts, but with the Browns’ bad luck, will he suffer a season-ending injury to ruin their hopes of a playoff appearance?

Jason Campbell already won the hearts of Browns’ fans after almost knocking off the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on the road and besting the division-rival Baltimore Ravens. Campbell is really proving his worth with a 105.4 and 116.6 passer rating in his two starts this season, and he obviously makes the team much more competitive than Weeden ever did and could.

In Sunday’s win over the Ravens, Campbell suffered what was thought to be broken ribs which would make everyone rooting for the underdog’s heart sink, but luckily it was diagnosed as only bruised ribs so Campbell could return to practice Tuesday.

With Campbell under center, the Browns have a shot at making the playoffs this season. They are in an important part of their schedule, though, and need Campbell to keep up his solid play. After a Week 10 bye week, Cleveland plays two division games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. Winning both those games would be huge as Cleveland hosts the Jacksonville Jaguars Week 13, who have shown to be a very beatable team this season. Heading into Foxboro one week later at 7-5 would be huge for this team with the playoffs near by.

Aside from the New England Patriots, the second half of the schedule will all be competitive games that Cleveland could win. They host the Chicago Bears who have been up and down this year and will play both the New York Jets and Steelers on the road the last two weeks. Those are both big games as the Jets will be fighting the Browns for that wild card spot, and of course Pittsburgh is a division game.

Cleveland has looked good with Campbell at the helm, and as long as he stays healthy and continues to play like he has the Browns could be a playoff team once again.

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