Cleveland Browns Setup for Great Opportunity against Cincinnati Bengals

By Michael Terrill
Cleveland Browns Setup for Great Opportunity against Cincinnati Bengals
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns did the unthinkable on Sunday when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens at home. The reason why it came as a bit of shock to people around the league is because Cleveland has struggled at the quarterback position. Obviously, all of that has changed with the emergence of veteran Jason Campbell. The win was huge for several reasons, with the most obvious being the fact that it opens up all sorts of possibilities within the division.

Cleveland can enter the bye week knowing they overcame a big hurdle after snapping the 11-game losing streak against Baltimore. What might even be more impressive is that the Ravens have never lost after a bye week under John Harbaugh until Sunday against the Browns.

Cleveland has set themselves up for a great opportunity against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 11. What is even better is that they will have an extra week to prepare for the big showdown. It will be huge if the Browns can come away another victory after already defeating the Bengals once this season, especially if the division winner comes down to the wire later this year.

As of right now, Cleveland is two and a half games back in the AFC North. However, if the Bengals lose to the Ravens next week and fall to the Browns on Nov. 17, then Cleveland will be right in the thick of it. Regardless of what happens with Cincinnati in Week 10, it will still be a must-win game for the Browns two weeks from now considering how well the Bengals are playing this season.

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