Indianapolis Colts: Did They Just End Houston Texans As We Know Them?

By Eric Smith
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote coming into this game that if the Indianapolis Colts won in Reliant Stadium on national TV on Sunday night against the Houston Texans, that they would end Houston’s run.

Well, with the way Indianapolis came back and won, they moved to 6-2 while Houston fell to 2-6. We now have to question whether this is it for Houston. Indianapolis was without Peyton Manning for the 2011 season and went 2-14. Houston, on the other hand, was patiently waiting for that building to beat him, wanting their turn at the AFC South. They wanted to take it in steps: first beat Indianapolis, then win the AFC South and then contend for Super Bowls.

Well, they did the first two but never the last. In the meantime, Indianapolis was rebuilding fast and turning this franchise around. They drafted Andrew Luck and many other key contributors in 2012, then used the free agency prior to this season to build this team to fit the scheme they wanted.

They now sit four games ahead of the Texans, who were supposed to contend for the Super Bowl this year. Houston has aging players and have now resorted to third-string quarterback Case Keenum. He’s decent, but hasn’t shown much when the pressure is on him to win games and make plays. As much as NBC loved him on Sunday night, he’s still 0-2 as a starter.

Even worse, Houston has now lost six straight games and need to rebuild. Maybe this loss is what they needed. This team is going nowhere fast and it’s time to cut ties with Matt Schaub and the rest of the players that made them what they are. Indianapolis exposed them and put an end to their dreams.

The AFC South is back to being the Colts’ and they just ended Houston’s two-year reign. This happened quicker than expected, but the reality is that Houston is done.

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