Miami Dolphins Rumors: Richie Incognito Likely To Be Cut

By Andrew Fisher

After a ton of speculation over the weekend, the Richie Incognito-bullying situation took a turn for the worse on Monday. Voicemails that Incognito left for Jonathan Martin were released and to call them disturbing, would be an understatement. Incognito used racial slurs and even threatened Martin’s life in the messages. Now, the word out of Miami Dolphins‘ camp is that it’s only a matter of time before Incognito gets cut.

At this point with all the evidence the Dolphins have, there’s no way they can bring the offensive lineman back. Incognito has to go, plain and simple.

When this story first started to develop, it seemed like this was a case of hazing gone too far. But knowing what we know now, one could argue that Incognito has some serious problems. Ribbing teammates has been part of the NFL since its inception, but threatening someone’s life, is a whole different matter.

Now it’s also fair to wonder if Incognito’s career is over. In my opinion, there’s no way he can be allowed back into the league until he undergoes a psychological evaluation. I think he should have to undergo counseling and get some professional help.

As for Martin, you have to wonder if he’ll ever return to the Dolphins. He reportedly had an emotional breakdown after all the harassment and it’s hard to see him coming back this season. But now that Incognito is likely out of the picture, a return is at least a possibility.


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