Minnesota Vikings: Finger Pointing Has Officially Commenced

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
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The Minnesota Vikings lost another heatbreaker on Sunday afternoon to the Dallas Cowboys. After it seemed like the last place Vikings would finally notch their second win of the season, a late defensive collapse doomed the team once again. This marks the third time this season that Minnesota has had the lead and then lost it on the other team’s final possession. As you can imagine, players are starting to get little upset.

One hallmark of struggling teams is finger pointing. To this point, the fans had been doing all the finger pointing. It’s mainly been directed at the team’s quarterbacks, Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave. Now, Brian Robison is calling the defensive play-calling into question.

Here’s what the defensive end had to say on the team’s decision to go into a prevent defense late in the fourth quarter:

“It says obviously when we rush four, we’re pretty dang good. We can be pretty dang good, especially when we rush four against five. I like the odds of that in our favor every week. I feel like when we’re in a rhythm, and guys are dropping out, kind of takes it out of that.”

Robison also said that the play-calling “says a lot of things” about the team.

The DE does have a very valid point. The Vikings were getting pressure on Tony Romo all game long. There was really no point to changing schemes when the game was on the line. If you give Romo time in the pocket, he’s going to have success.

So after another demoralizing loss, who knows what’s next for this Vikings team? With the finger pointing officially underway from the players, things could start to get really ugly. But there’s no doubt that we’ll find out in the coming weeks if this coaching staff has truly lost the team.


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