New York Jets QB Geno Smith's Accuracy Can't Be Judged Yet

By Harrison Turkheimer
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday marked the New York Jets‘ fifth victory of the season, and it also marked Geno Smith‘s fifth win. As a rookie Geno has ridden the wave of his team. When Smith does not produce neither do the Jets (and vice versa). Yet Sunday posed a different situation for the rookie QB with a depleted receiving corps.

During the game, Geno’s favorite wideout, Jeremy Kerley left and did not return. His overall favorite target thus far tight end Jeff Cumberland was hurt. The Jets at one point had the sixth wideout on the depth chart in to catch passes. In fact Greg Salas led the team with 57 receiving yards.

Now based on my previous post, readers will know my desire for the Jets to draft University of Southern California WR Marquis Lee, yet now it has come to a point where it is needed. With Kerley’s status unknown as well as Santonio Holmes, this team needs to build around the rookie QB. With wideouts that seem to be other teams’ rejections, it’s hard to truly judge Smith’s accuracy and poise in the pocket. With an injury to Holmes (who may or may not be back after the bye) combined with bust Stephen Hill, GM John Idzik needs to look at the rookie for what he is — a developing player in this league — and needs to place players on the offensive side of the ball around him.

Now the defense that the Jets put forth so far this season has been nothing short of stellar. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smashmouth identity that this Jets team is regaining, but this isn’t our fathers’ NFL. Unfortunately defense doesn’t just win championships; it’s a QB/offense driven league. The team can only use the ground and pound game plan for so long until Geno will need to air it out against some of the second half opponents.

All my readers thus far know the love affair I have with Geno. I want nothing more than to see him succeed, and I also care about the betterment of the Jets organization as a whole. The team has been so defensive centric for so long, and with it showing its dividends now,  it’s time for Idzik to invest in some big time player makers.

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