NFL Should Kick Richie Incognito Out of League

By Michael Pidgeon

Bullying is a major factor in a lot of schools throughout our country. I for one try to avoid any and all conversations regarding this topic, but what recently transpired in the NFL has made me sick to my stomach and I need to get it off my chest. Richie Incognito is a poor excuse for a football player and the Miami Dolphins did the right thing by banning him, but it’s not enough and now Roger Goodell and the NFL need to do their part.

Now how can parents teach their children that bullying is wrong when we have professional athletes doing it? I’m sure there is a young child or even a teenager out there who is a fan of the Dolphins and is seeing this nonsense airing on ESPN. If Incognito is allowed to step foot on a football field again, it goes to show that bullying is perfectly fine and it very well could give these children that same outlook.

Although Incognito’s career hasn’t been very good, is he that bored where he has to say such awful things to a fellow teammate? Whatever his beef is with Jonathan Martin should be handled like a man and not through voicemails that are so disturbing I can’t even go into detail about what he said. Martin’s season is likely over at this point too because the Dolphins have to make a decision about a roster move regarding him by tomorrow. Not only is Incognito not allowed to play, but his stupidity has now affected the young career of Martin as well.

Goodell has shown the ability to put his foot down on players who like to dabble in extracurricular activities, and that’s exactly what he has to do now. Anything but a lifetime ban for Incognito is unacceptable. Do your job Goodell and get this trash out of your league.

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