Philadelphia Eagles: Will The Real Nick Foles Please Stand Up?

By Ryan Wenzell
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles had a near record breaking performance yesterday for the Philadelphia Eagles. In fact he is the only Quarterback in NFL history to throw for 7 tds in 3 quarters and the 2nd along with the great Peyton Manning to throw 7 touchdowns while accumulating zero interceptions.

To say this was a statement game from Foles would be an understatement. He heard all the criticism after a woeful divisional performance against the Dallas Cowboys. He’s not the guy. He can’t get it done. Put somebody else in. etc. etc.

Foles tuned all that out, focused on righting his wrongs, and had the game of his life. He could do no wrong. Foles finished with a 158.3 Quarterback rating, in other words a perfect rating. You can’t get any higher than that.

Granted, there were a few plays where Oakland Raiders defenders fell down and guys like DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper were running absolutely wide open but Foles put the ball right on target all game and made more than his fair share of tight windowed throws.

Here’s the real question: is this just a one game mirage or is this a sign of things to come? We have seen middling Quarterbacks like Matt Flynn have huge career games never to do anything of note again. But I don’t think Foles falls into this category.

Besides the Cowboys game, Foles has played very well this season. He actually has the highest Quarterback rating in the league right now granted in a smaller sample size than most Quarterbacks of only about 3 and a half games. One game does not a Quarterback make.

We still need to see more. I won’t bet against this kid, though, after the historic performance he just churned out .

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