Relax, Tom Brady Is Still Tom Brady

By Logan Godfrey
Brady Patriots
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports’s Chris Wesseling has recently ranked the league’s top five quarterbacks, and a high profile name was missing from that list – Tom Brady. Brady has been amongst the league’s elite for the majority of his career, and fans and players are starting to question if Brady has started to lose his touch.

Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck were named as the NFL’s best quarterbacks at this point in the season. The reason for Brady being left off the list was simply because he has missed too many throws. Though Wesseling has a point, one has to look beyond the numbers to know the true story. Brady is currently having the pleasure of breaking in all new weapons. That is not his fault. If Brady was posed the question about who would be catching his passes months ago, his likely answers would have been Aaron Hernandez, a healthy Rob Gronkowski and an uninjured Danny Amendola.

As the season has unfolded for the Brady and the New England Patriots, that has not been the case. Gronkowski has basically missed the entire first half of the season. Amendola has been injured every other week, and Hernandez allegedly took someone’s life. The idea that Brady is missing throws just because of a potential decline is blasphemous. Josh McDaniels’ offense is predicated on the precision of a receiver’s route running. These rookie receivers are still learning, and Brady cannot be blamed for that.

However, one game might not signify a whole lot, but it seems like the New England offense got its groove back versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, totaling over 600 yards of offense. In all reality, most of Brady’s struggles are the fault of the Patriots organization. Their proven draft history of wide receivers it terrible. In recent years, the organization has traded out of their current draft positions where Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas were drafted.

If terrible drafting at the receiver position was not bad enough, the organization has not really given Brady a chance for success this year. In a season where so many potential veteran receivers and tight ends were available for a trade, the Patriots did not bite.

So experts can say Brady is on decline because he is missing targets, but if it was not for Brady holding this team together, the Patriots would not 7-2.

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