Return of EJ Manuel Won't Change Buffalo Bills' Fate

By Andrew Fisher
EJ Manuel
Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

The Buffalo Bills suffered their second straight and sixth total loss of the season on Sunday. They had a tough task in front of them to take down the high-flying Kansas City Chiefs and they simply couldn’t get the job done. The Chiefs are arguably the best team in football and with Jeff Tuel running the show, the Bills were at a clear disadvantage from the opening kickoff. The Bills made things interesting for awhile, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

But following their sixth loss of the season, the Bills did get some encouraging news. EJ Manuel has been fully cleared to return after suffering a sprained LCL back in week five. The Bills’ first round draft pick will presumably take the field next weekend as Buffalo gets set to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So while it’s great that the Bills are getting their ‘franchise QB’ back, will his return make that big of a difference?

I think the answer is a yes and no. Yes, Manuel’s return is a good thing for the Bills’ win/loss record in 2013. They’re more than likely going to put a few more Ws on the board with Manuel under center. But at the same time, this Buffalo team is just not there yet. There is of course to the point of contending for a playoff spot. At 3-6 with a roster not exactly overflowing with talent, the Bills’ fate is not going to change, regardless of who’s under center.

I like Manuel, I think he’ll play well and help this team progress, but they won’t be able to overcome a 3-6 hole this season and make the playoffs. Still, there’s a lot to be said for finishing strong and building towards next season.


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