San Francisco 49ers Cutting Nnamdi Asomugha Was A Logical Move

By Lucas Carreras

In a move that was coming and is a surprise to no one, the San Francisco 49ers released Nnamdi Asomugha and in turn activated cornerback Eric Wright from the reserve list. With several players ready to contribute for the 49ers in the second half of the season who had not been recovering from an injury or dealing with non-football related issues, the 49ers were going to be making a number of roster moves.

For those wondering why Asomugha is being released in order to make room and way for Wright, the fact of the matter is that in reality, Asomugha contributed nothing when he was active. Asomugha was last active back in the Week 3 game that the 49ers lost to the Indianapolis Colts, and since then he has not seen the field. Tramaine Brock has done an exceptional job as the nickel cornerback as he has done a very good job of going up against opposing No. 3 wide receivers, something Asomugha failed to do effectively when he was active. Brock is also a much better and more willing tackler of ball carriers, something it seemed Asomugha was allergic to doing.

The fact of the matter is that when the 49ers signed Asomugha as a free agent, the move and his contract represented a low risk, high reward situation for the team and the player. For anyone who still thinks that Asomugha is close to being the player he was when he played for the Oakland Raiders clearly has not been paying attention to the 49ers in the 2013 season.  Asomugha played like the player he was when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 49ers will not regret letting Asomugha go as it is clear that any contending team in the NFL will not touch Asomugha given he did nothing to make anyone think he is still capable of being a decent cornerback in his time with the 49ers. In the end, the 49ers lose nothing by letting him go and will be moving on to playing a better option in Eric Wright.

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