Why New York Jets' Defensive Line is Rex Ryan's Masterpiece

By Harrison Turkheimer
Jets D Line
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Pressure was the name of the game on Sunday. In a very surprising win, the now 5-4 New York Jets took the field at MetLife Stadium with one goal in mind: shake up Drew Brees. The New Orleans Saints QB was flushed out of the pocket, pressured, sacked and picked off twice. The Jets did an amazing job of getting Brees out of his comfort zone the entire game.

In a matchup where both teams knew each other fairly well (Battle of the Ryan brothers), there were plenty of variables for both teams coming into the game. It was going to be sure that Rex’s brother, Rob Ryan (defensive coordinator for the Saints) was going to try and shake up Jets QB Geno Smith in order to gain some momentum. While that is quite true, brother Rex stuck to his “ground and pound” mantra with over 190 yards on the ground, most of which came from  Chris Ivory.

On the other side of the ball, the key to this game was the Jets and Rex’s defense. Having the ability to win the turnover battle, keep the pressure on Brees and force him into long down and distance situations played right into the Jets’ game plan. It was very impressive to see this Jets’ defensive line work well as a unit with help by the secondary when it counted.

Now going into the bye week, this Jets team is above .500 with time to rest. Along with a very favorable schedule down the stretch, this team has been able to win some improbable games. Many fans around the league would not have guess that this team would be above .500, and with that three of those victories coming at the hands of the Saints, New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

I believe that this Jets line is Rex’s baby. After becoming a joke by season’s end last year, Rex decided to start calling the plays on defense once again (a duty he had when this team went to back-to-back AFC Championship games). Getting back to his manta and focus, this defense is fourth in the league overall, and with this win have officially put the league on notice.

It appears that with the defense riding this wave, this team is exceeding expectations and time will tell how fair. Nonetheless, they are better than we all thought and a lot of that is thanks to this Jets defensive front!

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