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5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose In Week 10

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5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose In Week 10

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It’s that time of the week again. I’ll be picking five teams in Week 10 that I think are sure bets to lose. Last week, I predicted five teams that would definitely win in Week 9, so now I’m going back to picking the losing teams, because I’m just crazy like that. Either way, I would be picking the same games, the only difference is perspective.

I went a perfect 5-for-5 in the very easy to pick Week 8. Picking Week 9 was a different story, as I only went 3-of-5, but I can at least defend my two wrong picks. The Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers are the blemishes I’m referring to. With the Ravens, I figured they should have no problem beating a Cleveland Browns team with a backup QB that they had beaten 11 times in a row after a bye week. Follow all that?

I don’t regret the Packers pick either. They typically beat the Chicago Bears at home (2007 was the last time the Bears won at Green Bay), and there was no way anybody could have known that Aaron Rodgers would have been knocked out of the game in the first quarter, only to be replaced by the corpse of Seneca Wallace.

I must admit that picking the five teams that would lose in Week 10 was a little difficult, but I’m pretty confident about my choices. The following are five teams that will definitely lose in Week 10. Enjoy the show.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

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I might as well get the obvious Jacksonville Jaguars pick out of the way. My only concern is that they are coming off of a bye, and division games are always tough. The Tennessee Titans are definitely better with Jake Locker back, and perhaps Chris Johnson might be returning to his old form after a monster game against the St. Louis Rams.

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Oakland Raiders

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For some strange reason, I have faith in the New York Giants. They're coming off a bye, Andre Brown is set to return this week, which could finally give the Giants a legit running attack, and they're playing a shell shocked Oakland Raiders team that gave up seven touchdown passes to Nick Foles last week. Oh yeah, and there's that whole flying across country to play a 1:00 EST game. What could possibly go wrong? I just had to say that, didn't I?

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St. Louis Rams

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The poor, poor St. Louis Rams. They've hung around the past couple weeks, but Kellen Clemens isn't going to be the one to put them over the top in close games. Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts are a different story, though, as they survived a kitchen sink game against the desperate and very slightly rejuvenated Houston Texans.

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Atlanta Falcons

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The Seattle Seahawks have struggled the past couple of weeks against lesser teams. I think the third time will be the charm, as they should unload on the hapless Atlanta Falcons this week. It also helps that this is a classic revenge game for the Seahawks, who lost in heart breaking fashion to the Falcons in last year's Divisional playoff game.

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Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys are capable of beating the New Orleans Saints this Sunday night, but we all know how this script goes now. The Cowboys have a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter, and the Saints put up 14 points to take the lead back and enter Tony Romo down four points going on the a potential game winning drive at the end. We all know how that story ends, right? Sorry, Cowboys fans.