5 Things We Learned From NFL Week 9

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5 Things the NFL Taught Us in Week 9


Going into Week 9 of the NFL season, one might think the games were going to be anything but good. There weren’t many marquee matchups. The undefeated Kansas City Chiefs were going to Buffalo to take on the lowly Bills. The high powered Saints were facing the New York Jets, and the winless Tampa Bay Bucs were facing the Seattle Seahawks – arguably the best team in the NFC. The one-win Vikings were in Dallas to take on a Cowboys team that seemed poised to take over the NFC East.

Not only were these matchups yawn worthy at the beginning of the week, but every one of them turned into a great game on Sunday. Without scoring an offensive touchdown, the Chiefs were able to escape Ralph Wilson Stadium with their undefeated record still intact. The Cowboys survived another late turnover by Tony Romo to defeat the Vikings.

This weekend also brought us the third time in NFL history that a game ended with a safety in overtime. The Miami Dolphins defeated the Bengals on the play. Unfortunately, that’s not the only news surrounding the Dolphins this week. We’ll have more on that later, though. For the second time in a matter of nine weeks we had a record-tying performance. Peyton Manning threw for seven touchdowns in Week 1 against the Ravens, and Nick Foles matched that performance this week against the Raiders.

All of this is great, but what did we really learn from Week 9? I’m glad you asked. Let’s find out.

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5. How the North Was Won


It’s anybody’s guess on who is going to win the NFC North. With Detroit, Chicago, and Green Bay all tied at 5-3 it really is up for grabs. The Bears should be getting Jay Cutler back soon and Green Bay lost Aaron Rodgers for a couple of weeks it looks like, so this could be a tightly contested race into December. Only thing for certain is the Vikings are pretty much done at 1-7.

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4. Comeback Kids


Week 9 reassured something in the NFL: Good teams find a way to win, and bad teams find a way to lose. The Bucs had Seattle on the ropes and found a way to lose the game. Buffalo was ready to deliver the potential dagger in the third quarter against Kansas City and wound up giving up a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. Dallas was able to overcome a late Tony Romo interception and score a touchdown with less than a minute to play to beat the Vikings. Indianapolis came back from a halftime deficit to defeat the Texans on Sunday night. Good teams find a way to win the game.

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3. Coaching Scare


Over the weekend reports came out that Denver Broncos head coach John Fox was hospitalized with an apparent heart attack. It turned out these reports were inaccurate in that he didn’t have a heart attack. However, he did have to have heart surgery to repair a valve in his heart. On Sunday night, Gary Kubiak collapsed while walking toward the locker room at halftime. Kubiak is still undergoing tests and it’s unclear on his coaching future at this time. Thoughts and prayers go out to both these coaches during their time of recovery.

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2. Enough is Enough


Whether it’s a football team in the NFL or a high school band member, something has to be done about bullying in this country. Kids have taken their own lives because of the bullying that happened from a classmate, and here we have an incident where a football player leaves his team because of the threats made from another team member. What Richie Incognito did to teammate Jonathan Martin is inexcusable. The threatening messages and racial slurs have gone too far. I hope the NFL does something about this incident to help prevent this in the future.

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1. And the Oscar Goes to...


...Nick Foles for his record-tying performance against the Oakland Raiders. Foles accounted for all 49 points the Eagles scored as he threw for seven touchdowns. This is the offense we thought we’d be seeing from Philly when Chip Kelly took over this summer.