Aaron Rodgers Injury Puts Green Bay Packers In A Tough Position

By Ryan Wenzell
Aaron Rodgers
Benny Sleu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers will be without star quarterback Aaron Rodgers for what looks like a minimum of three weeks. This puts them in a precarious position since Rodgers is what makes the Packers go.

On a team with injuries everywhere including along the offensive line, at the skill positions, and on defense Rodgers being the franchise guy that he is has still led his team to a 5-2 record. Right now, their is a three-way tie in the NFC North. The difference in the standings is as tight as it gets at the midway point of the season.

This is not the time to lose Rodgers and it is an unfortunate situation for the storied franchise. The Packers’ backup quarterback situation is poor. Seneca Wallace is a journeyman quarterback who has bounced around the league and looked lost and ineffective last night in a Packers offense that is geared around Rodgers.

The Packers should have guys like Matt Flynn and Vince Young on speed dial. Flynn was recently cut and knows Mike McCarthy‘s offensive system to a tee. Frankly, it is the only system he has thrived in. Young is still on the streets and was with the Packers in training camp and the preseason so he is familiar with the calls too. He also showed some good things in his brief time with the Pack.

It was a curious move to cut him considering the other backups on the roster. GM Ted Thompson needs to do something because right now Wallace isn’t capable of keeping them in this race. They need to find someone over the next month who is or their playoff hopes could vanish.

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