Baltimore Ravens Defense Needs To Force More Turnovers

By Dan Abeshouse
Corey Graham
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What is one reoccurring problem with the Baltimore Ravens which is really starting to becoming troubling? You know besides not winning games, a nonexistent running game would probably be the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind, but I’m going to delve a little deeper. The defense just isn’t forcing enough turnovers.

The Ravens have forced nine turnovers total for this season, which puts them at slightly over one per game. That’s not good enough, especially with a struggling offense that can’t run the ball to save their lives. The lack of interceptions is the most troubling thing I’ve been seeing as of late. The Ravens have just four interceptions with two belonging to Daryl Smith who’s a linebacker. Cornerbacks Jimmy Smith and Corey Graham own the other two, and both were touchdown saving picks in the end zone. Lardarius Webb, the supposed No. 1 corner for the Ravens has no picks on the season. Webb has struggled mightily in the past couple of games with the worst being in this past Sunday’s 24-18 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Davone Bess juked Webb out of his jock strap on an early second quarter touchdown for the Browns. I start to wonder if Webb isn’t fully recovered from last year’s ACL tear.

Having an under performing offense is nothing new for Ravens fans, but not having a ball hawking secondary isn’t. I heard for months upon end that first round pick Matt Elam was a ball hawk, but have yet to really see that. Not that he’s done a bad job, though, because nobody is expecting him to be the next coming of Ed Reed. But he has yet to really jump off of my TV screen as. So to state the obvious creating turnovers helps you win games. It would also help if the defense could get off the field so the opposing teams can’t run the clock out which has happened the past three games now. Baby steps Ravens fans, baby steps.

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