Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco Has To Carry Load Offensively

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

As bad as the Baltimore Ravens‘ offensive line has performed, and even though Joe Flacco is working with new parts in his offense, he has to get the job done.

Flacco got his $120 million contract during this past offseason. The Ravens decided to commit to Flacco with that kind of money because they believe that he will make the next step, and make players around him better.

Look, the Ravens’ offensive line is horrible, and I can’t state that enough. But offensive lines in the NFL are going to have bad games no matter how good they are in general. So, Flacco needs to do his job, and make something out of nothing.

The Ravens play in the AFC North where physicality is a must so Flacco knows what he is in for in that regard. If that means throwing slants to get the ball out quicker, do it. If that means running more creative bubble screens to substitute for the lack of a running game, do it. If that means Flacco has to use his underrated mobility to scramble for a first down, then he must do it.

The Ravens are not rebuilding contrary to belief by some in the national media. The Ravens want to win now, and they want to win big. As bad as the season has gone, I’m sure it pains players within the Ravens’ locker room that they are proving the critics right about how bad the team will be with all of the roster turnover in the offseason.

There’s still time to shut the critics up. But that will all depend how Flacco plays from here on out. The future of the Ravens is on Flacco’s shoulders.


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