Baltimore Ravens Need To Channel Their Inner 'Michael Keaton' Against Cincinnati Bengals

By Dan Abeshouse
John Harbaugh
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I know some of you, probably most of you are confused at the title of this article. What could actor Michael Keaton possibly have to do with the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals? Just bear with me and it will all make sense at the end. The Ravens lost to the Cleveland Browns this past weekend, dropping them to 3-5. It’s time to get desperate, it’s time to throw the kitchen sink and it’s time to get nuts. Enter Mr. Keaton.

As far as the upcoming Week 10 matchup against the Bengals, the great Bill Simmons from ESPN would probably call this a “Kitchen Sink Game” for the Ravens. Meaning that the Ravens are desperate and will pull out all stops to end this current funk they’re in. We’re talking reverses, double reverses, fake punts, flea flickers, etc. Not that I don’t like the kitchen sink analogy, but I thought of one better. In the 1990 Tim Burton classic Batman (Keaton is still the best Batman), Keaton, as Bruce Wayne, is cornered by The Joker (Jack Nicholson) and a few of his goons. Keaton is cool, calm and collected as he tells a story and grabs a nearby fire poker. Out of nowhere, Keaton swings the poker and screams “You want to get nuts!? Come on lets get nuts!” It’s time for the Ravens to get nuts. I told you it would make sense at the end.

The 3-5 Ravens are cornered with the odds stacked against them. This Sunday against the Bengals is the time to make a stand. It’s time for Joe Flacco to start earning the big contract. It’s time for Ray Rice to actually be a factor, and it’s time for the defense to start making clutch stops, which they haven’t been doing. For the 70,000 plus that will be at M&T Bank Stadium this Sunday, I ask this question to you. You want to get nuts Raven Nation? Let’s get nuts.

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