Denver Broncos: What If Tim Tebow Learned Under Peyton Manning?

By Tylor Walden
Ron Chenoy- USA TODAY Sports

Remember when John Elway said that Tim Tebow was going to be the Denver Broncos‘ starting quarterback after the 2011 season? Especially after that overtime win in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers? I sure do. However, Peyton Manning happened to be released from the Indianapolis Colts after that season due to neck surgery, and perhaps the fact that the Colts’ owner did not want to risk keeping him. It was a hard decision, but Manning was let go.

Elway saw this as a great way to boost the Broncos’ offense with a quarterback who could control the game from start to finish. So, Manning came in and Tebow was booted out the door. But the fan must have wondered, what if the Broncos never traded away Tebow and instead, had him learn under Manning for a few seasons? That is something that would be hard to figure out, but I think this would have helped the organization in the long run.

Look at it like this — with Tebow learning under one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, he could effectively learn from Manning all the mechanics a player needs to learn. In the meantime, the Broncos’ offensive coordinator and John Fox could have a set of plays for Tebow to run and utilize his abilities that he has. Granted that could take away from Manning’s scoring chances, it would be helpful to give Tebow game action so that he would be ready when Manning ultimately retires. Tebow would be able to step in right away. Plus, defensive coordinators for the opposing teams would not only have to prepare for Manning, but for Tebow as well.

Yes, I understand that Tebow has his flaws and his over attention to the media, but every player deserves a chance to play. The New York Jets treated him horribly and the New England Patriots cut him before the season began. It makes you wonder if the NFL teams are trying to find reason not to sign him. I mean, fans for the Jacksonville Jaguars want Tebow, but the front office refuses to sign him. I believe that most teams are not willing to take the time to help him, or would rather have him play a different position. Denver was the only team that gave Tebow a real chance, and they have the ability to take the time to develop his abilities into the playbook.

I think Tebow would have benefited from learning under Manning and then taking over as soon as he retires. But that brings the question on what the future would hold for Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert. We may never know what would have happened, but it always makes you wonder, what if Tebow stayed in Denver? It was always exciting to see Tebow play when the situation called for a game changer who can move the ball through the air and on the ground. For now, we will never know. Perhaps working on some things will help, but this man has shown that he has what it takes to win a game — it all depends on who will take the time to give him that chance.

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