Easy, New England Patriots Fans; They Are the Model of Inconsistency

By Tony Tranghese
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Easy New England Patriots fans; slow down. The Patriots offense finally showed some life against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but just remember when riding a roller coaster you never know when the next turn or twist will come.

Sure the offense looked good, but that Steelers defense was atrocious. How do you give up over 400 yards to a quarterback that has a busted hand and has struggled all year with this receiving corps? Not to mention you gave up over 100 yards to four different players. That’s not even letting one guy beat you. That’s letting four guys beat you.

Wait, here’s the part where you tell me that Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola are going to be key to opening this offense up and the spark plug that Tom Brady needed to get it back to the way Patriots fans were used to. Well that may be the case, but I’ll get excited when I see consistency. When Amendola plays in four games in a row and Gronkowski stays healthy then I may come around to this new-found expectation that the Patriots’ offense is dynamic again.

At the end of the day I get it. The Patriots keep winning and if their defense was healthy I would say yeah, maybe the Patriots are destined for something special this year. However, let’s manage the expectations down the stretch. You can’t possibly think that the Patriots are going to finish the season blowing teams out. They may, but who knows. Let’s also keep in mind that their defense gave up 31 points.

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