Green Bay Packers Rumors: Team Should Not Sign Tim Tebow

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
USA Today Sports

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t missed an NFL game since 2010. However, that’s about to change. Rodgers has been ruled out of action for at least three weeks with a fracture in his collarbone. Seneca Wallace will man the Green Bay Packers‘ ship in the meantime, but there’s no doubt the team will also look to the free agent market for another QB. Wallace is the only other signal-caller on the roster, so they really have no choice but to ink someone else.

So naturally, the internet rumor mill is churning in a big way. The name that keeps getting brought up? None other than Tim Tebow.

This has become the norm for any team that suffers an injury at the QB position. It happened two weeks ago with the St. Louis Rams and then speculation ran rampant last week after Tebow was spotted at a Philadelphia airport. Obviously, nothing ever panned out with either team.

There have been no reports at all from credible sources that the Packers are interested in Tebow. At this moment in time, all the speculation is purely being driven by fans of the popular QB on the internet.

I believe the Packers would be much better off by re-signing Vince Young or Matt Flynn. Both guys have experience in the Green Bay system and they would be far easier to plug in during the middle of the year than Tebow. For now, I’m guessing the Packers will stick with Wallace and then sign Young or Flynn as an insurance policy.


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