Houston Texans Wisely Working Out Kickers After Randy Bullock's Failures

By Andrew Fisher
Randy Bullock
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans had a very up-and-down game on SNF. After coming out of the gate strong and notching a 21-3 halftime lead, things fell apart in the second half. A lot of the team’s troubles can be chalked up to the fact that head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed during the intermission. There’s just no way the players couldn’t have been a little distracted.

But one player’s failures stood out beyond everyone else’s – Randy Bullock.

The place kicker had an absolutely awful night. He missed three fields, including a game-tying attempt as time expired. You can’t really hate on a guy too much for missing a 55-yarder, but you can hate on him for missing all his other kicks. Making one of four kicks is not going to cut it in the NFL. Heck, that would barely cut it at most colleges.

So it’s with Bullock’s struggles that news of the Texans trying out veteran kickers has emerged. It was reported on Tuesday that the team will bring in Neil Rackers, Shayne Graham and Justin Medlock. If some of those names sound familiar, it’s because both Rackers and Graham have kicked for the Texans in the past. Graham kicked in Houston last year, while Rackers did as recently as 2011. Medlock has by far the least amount of experience of the three, as he’s only kicked in two NFL seasons.

If I had to guess which one the Texans might choose, I’d say Graham, based on the fact he was kicking for the team just last year. But at the same time, Rackers has had year away from football to let his leg rest up. Either way, I believe the Texans should give Bullock the boot, because it really can’t get any worse.


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