Miami Dolphins Rumors: Coaches Told Richie Incognito To 'Toughen Up' Jonathan Martin

By Andrew Fisher

In a story that just keeps getting more and more layers, it turns out that Richie Incognito may have been encouraged to harass Jonathan Martin. Reports from PFT are stating that after Martin missed an OTA workout this past summer, members of the Miami Dolphins staff advised Incognito to ‘toughen up’ Martin. Obviously, Incognito may have stepped over the line with his racially charged and hate filled voicemails, but it appears he may have just been doing what the coaches told him to do.

To be clear, it seems highly unlikely that anyone on the Dolphins told Incognito to say the horrible things he said. But to an extent, he may have just been following orders.

If these latest rumors and reports turn out to be true, heads will no doubt be rolling in Miami. The coaching staff has already been under fire for letting the bullying of Martin get to the point it did. If it turns out that some of the coaches were behind the whole thing, even to a minor extent, people will be fired.

As for Incognito, he might get another chance in the NFL after all. Earlier in the week it seemed like his career was going to over, but if it turns out he was acting on behalf of the Dolphins, another team might cut him a break. Still, I don’t see anyway that he or Martin will ever return to South Beach. Too much has gone down and everyone involved needs to move on.

More to come as details emerge.

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